She That is Spiritual: Understanding God's Program for our Spiritual Growth

In this 4-week class, Professor Eric Barton lays the biblical foundation for understanding God's program for our spiritual growth. As we follow His leading, He renovates our hearts, transforms our thinking, and shapes our spirits to form us in His image.  "She That is Spiritual" is one who is being made new.  

This class will answer these important questions and many more: 

What is the heart and what is its role in human life?

Why is pride (being God) at the basis of human ruin?

Is my body my property to do with as I wish?

What is the condition of the will in a lost person? 

What kind of person is God actively seeking?

Lesson 1: Week 1

Lesson 2: Week 2

Lesson 3: Week 3

Lesson 4: Week 4