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Word Wise Bible Study Worksheet - PRINTABLE

Womenary students love the Word of God and understand that there is a treasure of wisdom inside every single verse. Womenary WordWise is printable Bible study...

Tags: Bible study, hermeneutics, interpretation, ALL PRINTABLES


How to Pray the Psalms - PRINTABLE

The Book of Psalms informs our understanding on a wide range of theological topics. Psalms is where the church learns – to hope, to trust, to grieve, to...

Tags: prayer, psalms, ALL PRINTABLES


Psalms by Genre/Category/Type - PRINTABLE

Did you know that Psalms can be categorized by genre, author, or type? Using Psalms in this type of orderly fashion, helps us to quickly locate the type of verse...

Tags: psalms, ALL PRINTABLES


Understanding "Debased Mind" in Romans 1:28-32 - PRINTABLE

Romans 1:28-32 references a debased mind, and then lists the things people do when given over to that mindset. This printable defines each point in the scripture...

Tags: Romans, interpretation, ALL PRINTABLES


Roman 8:28 Devotional - PRINTABLE

If you’ve spent virtually any time in church, you’re familiar with Romans 8:28. It’s drilled into us. It’s brought out every time...

Tags: Romans, devotional, ALL PRINTABLES


How to Interpret a Parable - PRINTABLE

The Parables of Jesus can be confusing at times. Use this handy chart to more accurately interpret a Parable from the Bible.

Tags: parables, hermeneutics, interpretation, ALL PRINTABLES


Difference Between Dogma, Doctrine & Opinion - PRINTABLE

Is there a difference between dogma, doctrine and opinion? Why does it matter? Dogma defines Christianity and its beliefs. Dogma describes denominational...

Tags: dogma, doctrine, ALL PRINTABLES


Want to know more about Womenary? - PRINTABLE

Print this flyer to learn more about Womenary!

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Questions to Ask When Interpreting Scripture- PRINTABLE

Interpreting scripture accurately can be difficult at times. Use this chart to guide you with key questions to ask while interpreting scripture.

Tags: interpretation, scripture, hermeneutics, ALL PRINTABLES


3-Legged Stool of Truth - PRINTABLE

The 3-legged stool of Biblical truth draws attention to "sola scriptura" and the 3 tools used to interpret scripture. 1) Exposition 2) Systematic...

Tags: hermeneutics, scripture, sola scriptura, ALL PRINTABLES


The 2 Type of Interpretation: Eisegesis & Exegesis -PRINTABLE

These 2 types of interpretation matter. We can make scripture fit to what WE want it to say, or we can discover what GOD meant for it to say.

Tags: interpretation, eisegesis, exegesis, ALL PRINTABLES


The Stage of Truth: Evangelical Christian Epistemology - PRINTABLE

This stage would agree with the Protestant confession of sola scriptura in that the Scripture alone has ultimate authority in matters of faith and practice and...

Tags: evangelical Christian epistemology, scripture, interpretation, hermeneutics, ALL PRINTABLES


Creeds of the Churches - PRINTABLE

The Creeds of the Churches are documents resulting from individual historic councils (or meetings) to address specific heresy’s or better define beliefs....

Tags: creeds, ALL PRINTABLES


Choosing a Bible Translation - VIDEO

Have you struggled to choose the right Bible transation for you? This short video will help!

Tags: bible translation, ALL VIDEOS


How does studying scripture change my thinking?- VIDEO

Why is it important to study God and His ways? How does studying scripture change the way I think? This short video explains.

Tags: Womenary, theology, scripture, ALL VIDEOS


Why should I study theology? - VIDEO

Why should you study theology? What is the purpose of Womenary? Professor Eric Barton explains in this short excerpt from a recent Womenary class.

Tags: theology, Womenary, seminary, ALL VIDEOS


When the Old Testament is quoted in the New Testament - VIDEO

In this video, Professor Ross Strader explains how to interpret Old Testament quotes found in the New Testament.

Tags: Old Testament, New Testament, ALL VIDEOS


Run straight into Jesus in this study! - VIDEO

This short clip of Professor Ross Strader explains how you should always run straight into Jesus when studying theology.

Tags: Jesus, Bible, ALL VIDEOS


What it may have been like for the first Jewish believers. - VIDEO

Have you ever considered what it may have been like for the first Jewish believers? In this video, Professor Ross Strader walks us through what they may have...

Tags: Jewish, ALL VIDEOS


Greater understanding of God should lead to greater worship of God. - VIDEO

Professor Chris Legg uses the church of Pergamos as an example for the necessity to study the deeper things of God.

Tags: theology, worship, ALL VIDEOS