To the Seven Churches: A Study of the Original Recipients of the Revelation of Christ

Why was the church at Ephesus called “loveless” by the Risen Christ? What made Philadelphia so faithful? Why did Jesus reach out to the seven churches, and is there any relevance for us today? These questions – and so many more – will be answered as we thoroughly explore and exegete the first three chapters of the Revelation. We’ll examine authorship, form, provenance and, of course, engage in deep analysis of the imagery and text. If we have ears, let us hear what is said to the seven churches!

Lesson 1: Week 1

Lesson 2: Week 2

Lesson 3: Week 3

Lesson 4: Week 4

Lesson 5: Week 5

Lesson 6: Week 6

Lesson 7: Week 7

Lesson 8: Week 8

Lesson 9: Week 9