Contend for the Faith: An Exposition of the Book of Jude

What is the ultimate aim of your life as a Christian? Is it to connect with other Christians and enjoy fellowship with like-minded believers? Is it to have people who will help you when you are in need and encourage you in your walk with Christ? Do you want to learn more about who God is from His Word? While those are good desires to have, there is another primary aim we do not give as much thought to as believers. God calls us to get equipped spiritually to contend for the faith. While many of us live as if it is peacetime, we are on the front lines of a battle for truth. In this study in Jude, we will discuss what it means to contend for the faith. We will also discuss who is in the Lord’s army, who are the enemies of the faith, and the battle plan on how to fight the good fight of faith.

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