Courses Previously Offered

Womenary offers a curriculum of Theology courses and Biblical Exposition courses.

Classes are offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters each year, in various locations as well as online at any time.

Ecclesiastes: Lessons Learned Under the Sun

There are many in our world in hot pursuit of happiness in this life through wealth, work, recreation, status, education and relationships. In the book of Ecclesiastes, we hear from one who had it all by the world’s standard and reports to us that it does not satisfy. Join us for a 9-week journey as we learn that while the things of this world do not satisfy, a right relationship with God through Christ does.

Most recently offered: 2024-09-19

The Holy Helper: Understanding the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Godhead Trinity - He is God; He is a Person. And yet, The Holy Spirit is perhaps the most misunderstood member of the Trinity, and that is most likely by His own design. The Holy Spirit has been described as “The shy member of The Trinity,” always demurring to The Father and The Son. And yet, The Holy Spirit is the Presence of God in every believer, and as such, is the mark of the Church Age. Because of The Holy Spirit, God could literally not be closer to us, and so we as The Church are to be blessed by understanding His ministry in and through our lives. Don’t miss this new 5-week course!

Most recently offered: 2024-09-19

Angels, Man & Sin

Who and what are the angelic beings we find in scripture?

How are they involved with man and his sin?

Why did God create us?

What does scripture mean by “soul” and “spirit”?

What is sin?

Do we inherit guilt from Adam?

What principles determine the way God relates to us? 

This study answers these questions and more as it traces the entrance of sin and evil in the angelic order and consequently into the human race.


Most recently offered: 2024-09-18

Through Pain to Grace: Understanding Suffering from Heaven's View

This course explores the profound depths of suffering and the divine grace that sustains us through life's darkest valleys. From the lives of Joseph and Job, the Psalms of Lament and the letters of Paul, we will see how the Bible not only gives voice to our own experience of pain and sorrow, but also provides a meaningful path for offering our grief to God as an act of worship. Ultimately, this course aims to equip believers with a biblical understanding of suffering's place in the Christian life and the assurance that God's immeasurable love will carry us through sorrow's shadows into the radiant light of grace.

Most recently offered: 2024-09-17

Four Men...Four Masterpieces

Four men from totally different walks of life. Four writers, compelled to set down on paper that which they had seen, heard, and knew. Four accounts of what is, quite literally, the greatest story ever told. Join us as we examine the styles, structures, and semantics of the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You may have read them a hundred times before, but this study promises to equip you with fresh insights and a deeper understanding of the gospel texts. Take this opportunity to make the gospels even more meaningful in your life!

Most recently offered: 2024-05-07

The War In Israel - POP-UP Seminar

Join Womenary and Dr. Jim Denison of Denison Ministries as he discusses the ongoing Israel-Hamas war in its historical and biblical context, explores ways this war could expand into a global conflict and identifies biblical ways we can respond today.

Men, women and teens 14+  are welcome to attend.

Most recently offered: 2024-04-29

Contend for the Faith: An Exposition of the Book of Jude

What is the ultimate aim of your life as a Christian? Is it to connect with other Christians and enjoy fellowship with like-minded believers? Is it to have people who will help you when you are in need and encourage you in your walk with Christ? Do you want to learn more about who God is from His Word? While those are good desires to have, there is another primary aim we do not give as much thought to as believers. God calls us to get equipped spiritually to contend for the faith. While many of us live as if it is peacetime, we are on the front lines of a battle for truth. In this study in Jude, we will discuss what it means to contend for the faith. We will also discuss who is in the Lord’s army, who are the enemies of the faith, and the battle plan on how to fight the good fight of faith.

Most recently offered: 2024-03-13

The Divine Attributes of God

Embark on a profound exploration of the divine in this new comprehensive course designed to unravel the complexities of God’s nature. This intellectually stimulating and spiritually enriching course delves deep into the fundamental attributes that define the essence of the one true God we serve.

Most recently offered: 2024-02-08

Grace Made Visible: An Exposition of the Book of Ephesians

Ephesians has been called the crown and climax of the Apostle Paul’s theology. This beloved book of the New Testament deals equally with the believer’s position in Christ and her practice on earth. Join us for 5 weeks as we explore and learn about the mystery of the church!

Most recently offered: 2023-10-18

To the Seven Churches: A Study of the Original Recipients of the Revelation of Christ

Why was the church at Ephesus called “loveless” by the Risen Christ? What made Philadelphia so faithful? Why did Jesus reach out to the seven churches, and is there any relevance for us today? These questions – and so many more – will be answered as we thoroughly explore and exegete the first three chapters of the Revelation. We’ll examine authorship, form, provenance and, of course, engage in deep analysis of the imagery and text. If we have ears, let us hear what is said to the seven churches!

Most recently offered: 2023-09-21

Truth in a World Full of Confusion: Understanding World Views & Major World Religions

Why is the world becoming more antagonistic toward Christianity today? Why is truth now often defined as “my truth”? Why is it important to understand the world views of other religions? These questions and more will be explored in this relevant and updated 4-week course!

Most recently offered: 2023-09-20

The Invisible Hand of God: An Exposition of Esther

Have you ever gone through a time when God seemed absent? How are we to think and respond in times like these? In this class, we will observe how God works through providence—through people good and bad, and through the best of circumstances. He uses them all for His purposes, for the sake of His people, and for His own glory.

Most recently offered: 2023-05-23

Twisting the Truth of Scripture POP-UP Seminar

If it seems to you like the voice of Christianity is being twisted and lost in America, you are probably right. In fact, it isn’t just lost but more and more, it is unwelcome and even demonized. The Christian voice is supposed to come from The Bible… but is it? Not always. We will examine the claim that the Bible is immoral by today’s standards, especially in the areas of racism, sexism and LGBTQ+ issues

Most recently offered: 2023-03-27

The 5 Solas: Understanding the Doctrines That Reformed the Church

SCRIPTURE ALONE, GRACE ALONE, FAITH ALONE, CHRIST ALONE, TO THE GLORY OF GOD ALONE. While these teachings are as central as any in the Christian faith, there was a time in church history when these biblical doctrines needed to be reintroduced to the church. Join us for a biblical study of these core teachings in Christianity as we discuss how these doctrines were lost and why they need rediscovery today.

Most recently offered: 2023-03-08

The First 500 Years: A Study of the Early Church Fathers, Apologists, Councils & Creeds

The best way to know where you're going is to understand first where you've been. As we explore the exciting world of the first 500 years of Christianity, we will unlock a wealth of past wisdom which, prayerfully, we will be able to use to meet the challenges of today. Come along and enter the world of the Church Fathers, the Apologists, early councils and creeds- and see for yourself how we got to where we are!

Most recently offered: 2023-02-09

Learning From the Land: A Study of Biblical Geography

Walk through the beautiful Promised Land so vividly described on the pages of the Bible as God sets His stories on its stage. Learn the lessons linked to the landscape of Galilee, the Judean desert, springs of water, mountain pathways, vineyards and fields. Gain an understanding of the places in Jerusalem where prophecies were spoken and later came true. These places become characters in the stories and come to life in this unique study of the land.

Most recently offered: 2023-02-08

Back to the Future: An Exposition of Daniel

Did you know that there is more to the book of Daniel than a lion's den?

What is it like to live in a culture that has no respect for your beliefs?

What do Daniel's prophecies teach us about the past AND our futures?

Answers to these questions and issues will be addressed in this exciting course covering the Book of Daniel.

Most recently offered: 2023-02-07

For Heaven's Sake POP-UP Seminar

What do you think about when you think about Heaven?
Are you worried about the future?
Come and consider the goodness and glory, promised and prepared, for you who are destined to never die.

Where is Heaven and is it a physical place?  Will angels accompany me to Heaven? Will I know my loved ones who are there? Will I still be myself with memories of this life? Will I know what is happening on earth? Will I work, rest, and sleep in Heaven? Are there really crowns in Heaven and why are they given?


Most recently offered: 2022-11-03

Read the Bible For All It's Worth: Doctrines of Bibliology & Hermeneutics

This course combines two enriching studies of the Bible that teach how rightly to appreciate and apply the amazing Word of God. Bibliology traces how God's great message to man became the text of the Bible. Hermeneutics teaches the science and skillful study and accurate application of scripture. (Fall 2022 classes will be using the book of Philippians for the Hermeneutical half of this course.)


Most recently offered: 2022-09-22

Knowing Jesus Through John

Come, grow in your knowledge of Jesus by seeing Him through the eyes of John, who knew Him and loved Him well. John was an eyewitness to the glory of Christ and came to know Him as the Light of the World, as Living Water, as our High Priest, and our Risen Lord. This study will give you eyes to see Jesus in new and wonderful ways!

Most recently offered: 2022-09-21

Tracing God's Kingdom Through His Covenants

In this class, you’ll learn how Christ fulfills every promise of the Old Testament Covenants!  How do those covenant promises impact my life today? How do they teach me about the Person of God? What is the Kingdom of God spoken of in scripture and included in Jesus' prayer as He asked the Father for the Kingdom to come on earth? Has that Kingdom come?  These questions and more will be discussed in this course.


Most recently offered: 2022-09-20

A Taste of Greek!

Enhance your understanding of New Testament truth as written in Greek, its rich original language. Unlock the world of biblical Greek! This 4-week course will serve as an introduction to the study of the original New Testament language. You’ll come away with an overview of Koine Greek, a deeper appreciation for the sacred texts, and useful tools for engaging in meaningful study. Perfect for first-timers, and all lovers of scripture!

Most recently offered: 2022-06-14

Citizens of Heaven - POPUP Seminar

As our culture grows increasingly out-of-sync with Christianity, how are we to understand the shocking shift? How do we bring biblical truth to a hostile culture? More importantly, how do we respond in a way that integrates love and truth? Don’t miss this relevant discussion featuring Chris Legg, Womenary Professor and Mark Legg, Associate Editor for Denison Forum.

Most recently offered: 2022-04-25

The Study of the Last Things: Doctrine of Eschatology

Ever struggle to make sense of end of times prophecy?

What signs can we expect to see when the end draws near?  

How can we make sense of different end time views held by denominations?

How does studying Eschatology help me worship God today and look forward to heaven?

This class addresses questions and issues like these, plus much more!

Most recently offered: 2022-03-15

Hope Givers: The Minor Prophets

The "Minor Prophets" is the name given to the last twelve books of the of the English Old Testament. But they are "minor" only in the fact they are shorter than the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel.  These prophets are hope givers.  They are gospel proclaimers. And they are describing the heart of a loving God amidst a backdrop of human unfaithfulness. They tell of the God who wants to replace our complacency with His compassion, our restlessness with His relentless love, our wandering hearts with His wonderful, powerful and faithful grace.

Most recently offered: 2022-02-10

The Resurrection Effect: An Exposition of the Book of Acts

The Book of Acts is a unique New Testament book, giving us an accurate account of the miraculous birth of the church and the ministries of the apostles following the coming of the Spirit at Pentecost.

Most recently offered: 2022-02-08

Theology 101: Systematic Theology

This class presents what can be known about God in an organized study of his attributes, administration, and authority over the created order. What we believe to be true about God is the most important thing about us. This course teaches how to think rightly about God.

Most recently offered: 2022-02-08

Doctrine of Christology: The Person and Work of the Second Member of the Trinity, Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the one and only God/Man. This new study presents both the uniqueness of His Person and the glory of His Work, in heaven and on earth.

Most recently offered: 2021-09-16

Redeemed, Reborn, Reconciled & Restored - Doctrine of Salvation

What is the process of salvation? What is predestination and election? Can we say "no" to the Gospel? Can a person lose their salvation? What are the different denominational views on salvation? Discover the answers to questions like these and many more!

Most recently offered: 2021-09-15

Exposition of 1 Peter

The Church is comprised of the people of grace; God's will is that they be saved, be sanctified, serve, and suffer well. Join us for a 5 week study covering these topics and more through the book of 1 Peter!

Most recently offered: 2021-07-13

Difficult Doctrines ZOOM - Course 3

In this 3 lesson course, Professor Graham Hale begins a series of classes titled Difficult Doctrines.  

Lesson 1 covers what the Bible teaches about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Lesson 2 covers spiritul gifts.

Lesson 3 covers death, judgment, heaven and hell.

Most recently offered: 2021-06-01

Jesus is Better Than... - An Exposition of Hebrews

Who wrote the book of Hebrews and why was it written? How were the saints of the Old Testament saved if they never knew who Jesus was? Who is the great and mysterious Melchizedek of Hebrews? Does Hebrews teach that a person can lose their salvation? What exactly did the Law of Moses do for the people of God and why has it passed away? These questions and many more will be explored in this enriching course!

Most recently offered: 2021-02-03

Difficult Doctrines ZOOM - Course 2

In this 3 lesson online ZOOM course, Professor Graham Hale continues a series of classes titled Understanding Difficult Doctrines. In Course 2, the problem of evil, God's sovereignty and the human response, and the Doctrine of Sanctification will all be explained. These 3 doctrines are important for all Christians to understand.  The lessons are each 1 hr in length. Zoom wil be available live or stream anytime.

Is the existence of evil a problem for Christianity?

How can God be sovereign and man be responsible?

How can I understand eternal security and the perseverance of believers?

Most recently offered: 2021-01-11

World View & World Religions

Most recently offered: 2020-09-16

Suffering is Never For Nothing: An Exposition of Job

These "age-old" questions and many more will be explored in this essential course covering the book of Job and the doctrine of suffering.

Why does a loving God allow evil and suffering?

Why does God often reveal Himself through suffering?

Does God really control our darkest days?

Why do good people suffer and how could God let it happen?

How do our prayers work together with God’s sovereignty?

Most recently offered: 2020-09-15

She That is Spiritual: Understanding God's Program for our Spiritual Growth

In this 4-week class, Professor Eric Barton lays the biblical foundation for understanding God's program for our spiritual growth. As we follow His leading, He renovates our hearts, transforms our thinking, and shapes our spirits to form us in His image.  "She That is Spiritual" is one who is being made new.  

This class will answer these important questions and many more: 

What is the heart and what is its role in human life?

Why is pride (being God) at the basis of human ruin?

Is my body my property to do with as I wish?

What is the condition of the will in a lost person? 

What kind of person is God actively seeking?

Most recently offered: 2020-06-30

God's Purpose for His Children & His Church: Doctrines of Sanctification & Ecclesiology

The Doctrines of Sanctification and Ecclesiology examine essential issues of the Church and how a person becomes more like Christ. These questions and more will be explored in this course: 

What is God's process of sanctifying His believers?  

How do the various traditions and denominations view the church differently?

What is the relationship between the Church and Israel?  

Why is it important to define what you believe about Sanctification and Ecclesiology?

Most recently offered: 2020-02-13

The Riches of Divine Grace: Exposition of Ephesians

In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians he encourages believers to live out their new life in Christ by “walking worthy” of grace given to them in Christ. These questions and more will be explored in this class: 

What does it mean to “walk worthy?” 

How does the “armor of God” help in our daily battles against powers and principalities? 

What is the mystery of the Church as it relates to biblical roles within marriage?

What does “sealed by the Holy Spirit” mean? 

What is predestination and does it contradict human free will?

Most recently offered: 2020-02-12

Why Has Gender Become So Complicated? POP-UP Seminar

FALL 2019 POP-UP!  

Learn how to teach Truth to your children or grandchildren about the gender issues of today. Join us for this timely and relevant seminar, featuring Professor Chris Legg of Alethia Counseling Center.



Most recently offered: 2019-11-04

Experiencing Anxiety & Depression as a Believer POP-UP Seminar

FALL 2019 POP-UP! 

What does God really say about anxiety and depression? How should we manage it?  Join us for this timely and relevant seminar, featuring Professor Chris Legg of Alethia Counseling Center.




Most recently offered: 2019-09-30

From Resurrection to Today: The History of Christianity - Course 2

Why are there so many different denominations?  

Can we trust the books we have in our Bible?  

How did God’s Kingdom spread to the United States?  

Why is it important to study Church History? 

What lessons do we learn from our messy history and God’s faithful and fruitful work?  

Discover the answers to questions like these and many more!

Most recently offered: 2019-08-29

How to Know God's Will For Myself & Mankind

Are you uncertain when trying to discern God's creative purpose for your daily life?

Would you like to be more confident about your understanding of God's will for your life and your world?

This class will explore and answer these questions.

Most recently offered: 2019-07-09

Jesus Christ: The Greatest Storyteller

Much of Jesus' teaching is presented in the form of parables.  Join us for a fresh look at the ancient stories of Jesus that teach us His timeless Truth.

Most recently offered: 2019-06-18

From Resurrection to Today: The History of Christianity - Course 1

Why are there so many different denominations?  

Can we trust the books we have in our Bible?  

How did God’s Kingdom spread to the United States?  

Why is it important to study Church History? 

What lessons do we learn from our messy history and God’s faithful and fruitful work?  

Discover the answers to questions like these and many more!

Most recently offered: 2019-03-21

God in Three Persons - The Doctrine of Trinitarianism

Can we prove that God exists? Does the Bible teach the Trinity? Why was Christ born of a virgin? Was Christ able to sin? Why is the Trinity important to understand? Discover answers to these questions and many more!

Most recently offered: 2019-02-06

If The Son Sets You Free - Exposition of Galatians

What makes me righteous before God? How do I "walk in the Spirit" and how do I know if I am or not? Do I receive the fruits of the Spirit when I believe in Jesus?   Learn the answer to questions like this and many more!

Most recently offered: 2019-02-05

Winning the War Within - Winterlude 2019

Every believer is in a daily battle...a battle against our enemy but also within ourselves. God's Word has direction and wisdom for us concerning the two kinds of conflict we encounter. Come and learn to "win the war" that wages within and without.



Most recently offered: 2019-01-19

In the Beginning... An Exposition of Genesis

Just a few pages into the book of Genesis, we come to a garden. It is lush, beautiful, watered and fruitful. Created by God, it is perfect for mankind. But the enemy of God enters, sowing his own seeds of destruction. Some of these seeds burst full grown in Adam and Eve as they disbelieve and disobey God. Others have been growing and multiplying since that day – deceit, fear, dishonesty, hatred, immorality, selfishness, blame, greed, violence and sin’s final fruition – death. Thankfully the seeds of salvation are also present in the garden and there is redemption for Adam and Eve. The story of the serpent and the Savior begins.

Most recently offered: 2018-09-19

7 Ready Responses to the Objections of Unbelievers - Apologetics

This class will prepare you to confidently defend the truthfulness of your Christian faith. Scripture says we are to be ready to give an answer for the hope within us, but we want to give an answer, not get into an argument. The purpose of this course is to provide you with ready, reasonable responses that should communicate the reason for your hope in Christ, in a kind and convincing manner, which may become a mind changing, life changing conversation.

Most recently offered: 2018-06-19

Exposition of Romans

Paul's ancient letter to the church at Rome presents the power, the promise, and the purpose of the Gospel for everyone with faith to believe.

Audio files of lectures, power points and any class handouts will be added to this page weekly on Fridays.

Most recently offered: 2018-02-08

The Re-Jewification of Jesus Christ

For centuries, Jesus was studied and understood as Roman or Greek more than as a Jew.  An exciting new understanding in Christian theology has been the re-introduction of the understanding of Jesus rightly as a Jew, in a Jewish culture in the first century.  You will be amazed at how scripture comes to life with this new lens!

Most recently offered: 2017-10-25